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Start a Factory in Macedonia

Start a Factory in Macedonia

Foreign investors have several options for business in Macedonia and can set up companies with the wanted activities on the market. For instance, they can open factories in Macedonia and deal with the manufacturing process of goods in the textile sector, electronics, foods, or agriculture. Regarding the registration process of a company in Macedonia, this is less bureaucratic and can be entirely supervised by our team of company formation specialists in Macedonia.

Steps in opening a factory in Macedonia

First of all, the business persons who want to set up a company in Macedonia need to decide on the type of operations they want to implement on the market and the industries they want to activate in. Secondly, the entrepreneur must decide on the suitable business form through which he/she can legally perform the activities. In this sense, there are several options, such as:

• establishing a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company;

• set up a limited liability company;

• enter a partnership with a Macedonian businessman or choose a joint stock company.

The next step is to choose a name for the company, the business office, register for tax purposes and select the plant for opening the factory, preferably in an industrialized zone. In any case, please consider the support of our company incorporation agents in Macedonia who can help you with the documents preparation and submission at the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.

Types of factories you can set up in Macedonia

The business environment in Macedonia is appealing and offers a multitude of choices for foreign investors in the established free zones (15 of such zones already established). Your factory can start the operations in such free zones and the entrepreneurs can benefit from several tax incentives mostly related to the employment in Macedonia but not limited to this. One can set up factories in the following industries:

• textile;

• food and dairy;

• electronics and appliances;

• furniture.

If you would like to know more about how to set up a factory in Macedonia, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia.