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Open IT Company in Macedonia

Open IT Company in Macedonia

The IT sector thrives for many years in numerous countries, including in Macedonia, so it is quite normal for overseas entrepreneurs to establish their operations in this prolific sector. An IT company in Macedonia can have varied activities and can serve to numerous local firms. In most cases, such a business starts with the registration of a limited liability company in Macedonia. This is where our company formation agents in Macedonia can provide immediate assistance and support, helping foreigners enter the market in a fast and reliable manner.

Types of activities of Macedonian IT companies

It is normal to externalize the IT support and direct towards a company having operations in this field. This way, a business can make sure that the staff and the activities are protected from this point of view. Email support, software and application implementation, network services, cloud computing, telecommunication, internet optimization are part of the helpdesk support an IT company can provide to enterprises established in Macedonia. Even businesses from abroad can be assisted by companies dealing with IT support as most of the services can be offered remotely. Having an IT company by your side means that your business is safe and covered in this sense. If you would like to open a company in the IT sector, we invite you to discuss with one of our company formation specialists in Macedonia and see the formalities involved.

How do I open an LLC in Macedonia?

DOO is the limited liability company in Macedonia and the easiest business structure available for small, medium and large entrepreneurs from abroad. Because its simple incorporation, such a structure can be available right away, once the Trade Register in Macedonia accepts the documents. The following details should be in the attention of entrepreneurs wanting to open a DOO for their IT companies in Macedonia:

  1. EUR 5,000 is the minimum share capital for a DOO in Macedonia.
  2. A limited liability company can be ready in approximately 3 weeks.
  3. At least one shareholder and 3 directors are needed for an LLC in Macedonia.
  4. There is no need for a company secretary or a resident director.
  5. It is not an obligation to have a physical office, however, your IT company might need an office space for future employees.
  6. It is necessary to open a provisory bank account for the minimum share capital of the company.
  7. The VAT rate of 18% is applicable to goods and services for sale purposes in Macedonia.
  8. The company seal needs to be obtained before starting the business activities in Macedonia.
  9. You can also purchase shelf companies in Macedonia instead of forming a new LLC.
  10. You can sign the first contracts in the firm in approximately three weeks, the time in which the DOO is incorporated.

The support of our company formation agents in Macedonia is at your disposal if you want to open an IT company in Macedonia and choose the proper business structure for your needs. Let us handle the requirements in this sense and help you with the formalities involved in setting up an IT company in Macedonia.

Short facts about the ICT sector in Macedonia

The ICT (information and communication technology) sector in Macedonia is one of the fastest-developed fields in the Adriatic Sea where investors can benefit from an experienced and cost-effective workforce, low corporate taxes, a proper telecommunications infrastructure and complete support offered by the government to abroad entrepreneurs. Software development enterprises from overseas have placed the operations in Macedonia. The interest for developing IT companies serving to small, medium or large enterprises has been intensively met in recent years among domestic and foreign investors, and that because the sector is not only appealing, but it generates large profits. The following facts might be in the attention of investors wanting to enter the ICT market in Macedonia:

  • • hardware represents the largest division of the ICT market in Macedonia, approximately 55% share;
  • • the annual growth rate of the ICT sector in Macedonia ranges between 2.3% and 7.7%;
  • • approximately USD 400 million represented the total ICT market value in Macedonia in 2017;
  • • ICT services represented around 30% rate of the total market in 2017;
  • • The Macedonian government sustains the ICT sector through varied investment incentives and tax reliefs under certain conditions.

If you are interested in opening an IT company in Macedonia and you are looking for assistance in this matter, do not hesitate to contact our company formation specialists in Macedonia.