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Open a Recruitment Company in Macedonia

Open a Recruitment Company in Macedonia

Foreign business persons wanting to benefit from an experienced workforce when commencing the activities in the preferred sector should pay attention to the experienced workers in this country. They can benefit from the services of a recruitment company in Macedonia and simply the employment procedures. This is definitely a great business choice for the type of investors who want to enter the Macedonian market and develop their activities in this sector. Information and guidance for opening a recruitment company in Macedonia can be provided by our team of company formation agents in Macedonia as soon as you decide for this kind of activities.

What is the proper structure for opening a recruitment company in Macedonia?

The limited liability company, or the DOO as it is known, is the most common business structure for any kind of activities, regardless of the chosen sector, including the one involving a recruitment company. Several requirements and formalities must be observed at the time of DOO registration in Macedonia with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia, the one-stop-shop which carries all the incorporation procedures:

  • • A minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 is necessary for establishing the LLC under which your recruitment company will activate.
  • • A representative and a board of managers need to be appointed for your company.
  • • The business address, the name of the owners and the activities are comprised by the Articles of Association, the company’s main documents.
  • • A bank account in Macedonia needs to be opened for depositing the minimum share capital.

Once the certificate of incorporation is issued, you can register the business for tax purposes and social contributions. Even if registration requirements are not complex, it is suggested to solicit assistance throughout the registration procedures from our company formation specialists in Macedonia. Opening a company in a foreign country asks for complete assistance from an experienced local team, therefore, if you would like to skip any possible errors in the incorporation process, please talk to our consultants.

Steps in opening a recruitment agency in Macedonia

Whether you have experience or not in the human resources field, it is important to make a business plan and follow a few important steps when opening a recruitment agency in Macedonia. Here are the basic needs of this kind of business in Macedonia:

  1. Choosing the business name – this is the first thing to do and it is necessary to verify the validity of the chosen name.
  2. Rent a place for work – if you do now want to buy a property in Macedonia, you have the possibility of renting an office space for your recruitment agency.
  3. Create a logo for your recruitment agency – your business needs to have an identity, so do not forget to create and register a logo.
  4. Register the recruitment agency – the incorporation of the firm is normally made once you decide on the representative of the firm and o the board of managers. All the procedures can be explained by our consultants.
  5. Prepare the investment money – besides the minimum share capital, you should consider the expenses in the firm (rental office, utilities, staff, etc.)
  6. Hire an accountant – this kind of specialist can offer the needed services like bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements, tax advice and many more. You may get in touch with our local team of accountants and find out more in this direction.
  7. Get insurance for your recruitment agency – any company needs to be ensured, in order to avoid any business risks.
  8. Register a website for your business – advertising the activities of your recruitment company in Macedonia is important if you want to contract future clients.

If you are interested in company formation in Macedonia, and if you would like to establish a recruitment company in Macedonia, we recommend you to address your questions to our team of consultants.

In what kind of sector can I open a recruitment agency?

Manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, IT and engineering, telecommunication, construction are a few of the sectors on which you can concentrate, meaning that you can serve to companies operating in these fields. However, you can decide on providing recruitment services in any sector in Macedonia if you do not want to concentrate on a particular niche. In this direction, you can think of developing several tools to sustain the database of the recruitment agency: cloud services, mobile apps, user accounts for companies, etc.

We invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation experts in Macedonia and find out how you can start a recruitment company in Macedonia.