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Open Holding Company in Macedonia

Open Holding Company in Macedonia

holding company in Macedonia may be the proper method for investors looking to control the shares in a particular company. Several companies activating in different industries can be in the attention of business persons looking to open a holding company in Macedonia. For a better understanding of how a holding company can be set up in Macedonia, we invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation agents in Macedonia.

What is a holding company in Macedonia?

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The purpose of a holding company is to control another company through its shares, regardless of the structure, whether a limited liability company or a partnership. Holding companies in Macedonia can be registered for purchasing and owning real estate properties, other types of assets or trademarks.

Do holding companies suffer from losses?

No, holding companies in Macedonia are not liable for the other firm’s losses, not even for bankruptcy. Complete details about the rules for forming a holding company in Macedonia can be explained by our team of advisors.

Registering a holding company in Macedonia

A holding company in Macedonia can be registered with the Central Registry of the Republic in Macedonia and the formalities imposed in this sense. The documents of the companies you wish to acquire stocks from are necessary at the time of registration. These are a few of the conditions for opening a holding company in Macedonia, according to the Company Act in Macedonia:

  • • at least 10% is the minimum participation in the stocks of another company, but no more than 20%;
  • • information about the owners of the holding company is necessary at the time of registration;
  • • the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia needs to be informed about the majority participation in another company;
  • • the annual audits and the financial statements will involve the holding company and the controlled firms.

Taxation of holding companies in Macedonia

Holding companies in Macedonia benefit from the provisions of the double taxation agreements signed with countries worldwide and take advantage of several tax exemptions on royalties, dividends, and interests. Foreign investors looking to open a holding company in Macedonia need to know that the corporate tax is set at 10% rate. For VAT registration of a company in Macedonia you can address to our team.

We invite you to contact our company incorporation specialists in Macedonia if you would like to know more about how to open a holding company in Macedonia. Also, if you are interested in company formation in Macedonia, we are at your disposal.