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EORI Registration in Macedonia

Companies registered in Macedonia and having trading activities within or outside the European Union territory must apply for the EORI number. This is also known as the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number that was implemented in 2009. The application for this unique number is not a complex process and can start with the official webpage of the European Commission, however, it is recommended to have the support of a company formation agent in Macedonia who knows the entire process and who can apply on your behalf.

Short facts about EORI number

The EORI number can be obtained after the VAT registration and that because the identification code meant for better tracking of the import and export activities contains the VAT number, alongside the country’s prefix, MK. According to the Commercial Code in Macedonia, the EORI number is necessary for all economic operators involved in trading activities and customs-related controls. Below you can find information about the necessary documents which need to be prepared for EORI application in 2023:

  1. The VAT registration certificate of your company in Macedonia.
  2. The certificate of incorporation of the company you own.
  3. A document issued by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia stating that your company is registered for business.
  4. A power of attorney for the representatives that applies for EORI for your company.

These are a few of the documents that must be prepared for an EORI application with the European Commission in charge of this important registration. If you would like to skip the bureaucracies related to EORI, feel free to ask for the support of our company formation representatives in Macedonia. They can also help you register a company in Macedonia in 2023 and give full support for all the formalities involved in this process.

The regulation is straightforward when it comes to EORI registration in Macedonia. First of all, the business owner must obtain the VAT number and then apply for the EORI code.

Here is an infographic that explains in large lines how you can register for EORI in Macedonia:


The issuance of an EORI number should not last longer than 4 or 5 days if all the documents are correctly prepared. Our local representatives can offer assistance with the paperwork for EORI in Macedonia.

Do non-VAT companies need an EORI number?

Yes, even companies that are not subject to VAT, but have import and export activities must apply for an EORI number. The process of the EORI application remains the same in this case, except the fact that there is no need for a VAT certificate because the business does not pay such tax in Macedonia.

Multiple EORI numbers

It is important to know that if your business is established in more than just one country, you need to obtain the EORI number in those countries too. This is a legal obligation that needs to be in the attention of entrepreneurs with trading operations in Macedonia and outside the country.

Since 2015, North Macedonia is part of the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure and the Convention on the Simplification of Formalities in Trade of Goods, which facilitate the New Computerised Transit System for the movement of goods.

What happens if you do not have an EORI number?

In case your business is not assigned with an EORI number, the customs authorities have the right to stop the movement of the cargo, until you provide this important code. We remind that an EORI number is needed regardless of the type of transport method, whether by air, sea, and land. Feel free to talk to our team of company formation specialists in Macedonia and ask for more details about how to obtain the EORI number.

How long does it take to receive the EORI number in Macedonia in 2023?

It takes only a few days until the EORI number is issued for your company in Macedonia. If all the documents are accepted, the EU authorities will issue the EORI number for your business. You should discuss all the aspects about EORI regulations in 2023 with our team of specialists in company formation in Macedonia.

Is there a tax for the EORI number?

No, the EORI applications are not subject to fees or anything like it. The EORI number can be obtained without considering any taxes or fees.

EORI numbers for natural persons

In the case of sole traders in Macedonia, the EORI applications respect the same process, with the mention that if there is no VAT involved, such a certificate is not needed. The personal identification documents, such as passports or ID cards are needed for EORI registration.

Making investments in Macedonia

The appealing business climate of Macedonia makes numerous investors from abroad see this country as a prospective territory for their affairs and investments. The skilled and multilingual workforce, the excellent infrastructure, the appealing tax structure are a few of the attributes that make Macedonia attractive for foreign investments. Here are some facts and details about the investment and economy direction in Macedonia:

  • • Around USD 7,24 billion was the total FDI stock registered for Macedonia in 2021;
  • • According to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank, Macedonia ranked 17th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • • Around 39% of the total FDI stock for Macedonia in 2018 was directed to the manufacturing sector;
  • • Austria, the UK, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Greece are the main investors in Macedonia, accounting for around 51% of the total FDI registered in 2018.

Please feel free to contact our team for support in EORI applications in Macedonia.