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Liaison Office in Macedonia

Liaison Office in Macedonia

liaison office in Macedonia is directed to certain types of entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing the business presence without having to activate on the market. This is also known as a representative office for which you can ask complete information from our team of company formation specialists in Macedonia. Our team can handle the registration process of a company in Macedonia and can help foreigners in this direction, in accordance with their business needs.

 Quick Facts  
Representative office in Macedonia – characteristics A representative office in Macedonia does not have a legal personality and serves as a means of communication for the foreign parent company.

Permitted activities

– market research,

– advertisting,

– marketing,

– promoting the interests of the foreign parent company,

– networking, etc.

Restricted activties

– engaging in profit-generating activities,

– signing contracts,

– conducting financial transactions,

– import/export, etc.

 Taxation Liaison offices are not subject to taxation as they do not engage in profit-generating activities.
Minimum share capital


 Additional costs

– rent and utilities,

– employees salaries,

– office supplies,

– maintenance, etc.

Can hire employees (YES/NO)


Physical presence required to open a representative office in Macedonia (YES/NO)

NO, our specialists in company formation in Macedonia can open a liaison office without you having to be physically present in the country.

Incorporation time (approx.)

4 weeks 

 Liability Parent company
Annual financial statements

Not applicable

Converting to other business type (YES/NO)

YES, you can open a company in Macedonia after converting the liaison office into a different legal form.

Other business form alternatives for foreign companies

– branch office,

– subsidiary

Advantages of opening a liaison office in Macedonia

– researching the Macedonian market,

– cost-efficient,

– networking with other businesses and partners,

– local representation,

– brand visibility, etc.

Assistance We can assist in opening a representative office in Macedonia and in setting up a company in the country.

What is a liaison office in Macedonia?

A liaison office in Macedonia is established by a foreign company in the country to facilitate non-commercial activities. A representative office can have specific functions and operations within Macedonia, but it cannot engage in profit-generating or commercial activities. Its primary activities may include:

  • Promoting or advertising the parent company’s products or services: Raising awareness about the company’s offerings and maintaining relationships with potential clients or partners;
  • Market research and analysis: Gathering information about the local market, consumer preferences, and industry trends to provide valuable insights to the parent company;
  • Facilitating communication: Representative offices in Macedonia serve as a point of contact for inquiries, meetings, and negotiations between the parent company and local entities;
  • Representation: Representing the parent company’s interests in local events, conferences, or trade shows.

A liaison office is distinct from a branch office or a subsidiary, as it cannot engage in commercial transactions or generate revenue within Macedonia. Our specialists in company formation in Macedonia can help foreign investors with establishing a liaison office.

Who can establish a liaison office in Macedonia?

Foreign companies interested in knowing the business environment in Macedonia can decide on opening a liaison office instead of forming an enterprise from scratch. This way, they can test the market, verify the industries that suit most to their needs and can perform marketing activities.

It’s essential to understand that the primary purpose of opening a representative office in Macedonia is to facilitate communication, market research, and non-commercial activities. Therefore, companies planning to establish a liaison office should not intend to engage in profit-generating operations in Macedonia. Revenue-generating activities are typically reserved for branches or subsidiaries.

We can help you open a company in Macedonia if you wish to engage in profit-oriented operations.

The characteristics of a liaison office in Macedonia

A liaison office has no legal personality as it is destined for a particular type of activity. There are several attributes connected to a liaison office in Macedonia, like:

  • this structure cannot conclude or sign any contracts in Macedonia;
  • it cannot assume civil liability and it cannot issue invoices;
  • there are no financial operations linked to a liaison office;
  • a registered agent with residency in Macedonia needs to be appointed to the liaison office;
  • employees of a liaison office in Macedonia need to constantly communicate with the foreign company, due to their business relations.

If you cannot decide on a company in Macedonia but you wish instead to settle a liaison office in Macedonia, we suggest you ask any questions to our company incorporation agents in Macedonia. We can help you register a company in Macedonia, regardless of the chosen structure.

We invite you to watch a video about the representative office:

Why should I choose a liaison office in Macedonia?

Foreign entrepreneurs who would like to know more about how business is done in Macedonia in particular sectors of interest, or if they want to know more about the market and the customers in this country, should decide on opening a liaison office in Macedonia. This can be the proper structure for varied marketing activities before a company is actually established. One must observe the annual financial statements for such office and align with the tax requirements and the local legislation in these matters.

Before committing to full-scale commercial operations, entrepreneurs can use their representative office in Macedonia to test marketing strategies and observe their impact. This provides an opportunity to make improvements and adjustments based on actual feedback.

Entrepreneurs often have specific industries or sectors in mind before opening a company in Macedonia. A representative office allows them to focus on those particular types of businesses, gather information that’s specific to those industries, and explore potential partnerships in the areas they’re interested in.

Opening a representative office in Macedonia offers investors a great opportunity to study the Macedonian market. It allows foreign entrepreneurs to identify niche opportunities, and assess the demand for their products or services

Establishing a presence through a liaison office allows foreign entrepreneurs to begin building brand recognition in Macedonia. This early brand exposure can be beneficial when setting up a company in Macedonia.

One main advantage can also be that a liaison office doesn’t pay taxes in Macedonia. Since it doesn’t engage in profit-generating operations, it is often exempt from income taxes, corporate taxes, and other business-related levies.

However, the liaison office in Macedonia is still responsible for covering its operational costs, which may include: office rent, employee salaries, utilities, and other essential expenses. These costs are often necessary to maintain a functional presence in Macedonia and carry out the designated activities effectively.

If you want to know more about why you should invest in Macedonia and research its potential market by opening a representative office, here are some statistics about the country’s economic status:

  • Macedonia’s GDP was estimated at 13.56 billion US dollars in 2022;
  • In September 2023, Macedonia’s industrial production increased by 4.5% compared to the same month in the previous year;
  • In June 2023, Macedonia received an inflow of 12.60 million euros in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
  • On average, Macedonia has received 31.47 million euros annually in FDI from 2003 until 2023;
  • In September 2023, the value of exports from Macedonia increased to 788.837 million USD.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia if you would like to know more about the formation of a  liaison office in Macedonia.