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Company Formation Services in Bitola

Company Formation Services in Bitola

Bitola is an important administrative, cultural, educational and commercial center in Macedonia and a representative city which makes the connections between the southern region of the Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea due to an excellent infrastructure. Being a well-developed city which offers a multitude of business possibilities in the touristic sector but not limited to this, Bitola may represent a suitable option for foreign investors who want to explore the investment opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia. The company formation services in Bitola are at your disposal through the local offices represented by our team of company formation agents in Macedonia.

Details about the company incorporation process in Bitola

Foreigners can easily set up limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited and general partnerships or can operate as sole traders in Macedonia. The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia works as a one-stop-shop for all the above-mentioned business structures. The Articles of Association stand at the base of a company formation in Macedonia and comprises the following matters:

  • •    information about the owners (name, citizenship, domiciliation)
  • •    the business structure;
  • •    the name of the company;
  • •    information about the minimum share capital;
  • •    the type of activities;
  • •    the business address of your company in Bitola;
  • •    details about the board of directors.

Instead of wondering how company formation is made in Macedonia and especially in Bitola, you can get in touch with our company incorporation representatives who can offer a wide range of services in this sense.

Types of company formation services we can offer in Bitola

If you would like to set up the operations in Macedonia, you can register a limited liability company in Bitola with complete support offered by our team of advisors. We can help you with:

  • •    support when preparing the company’s documents;
  • •    VAT registration and tax advice;
  • •    registering for social contributions;
  • •    providing business management on request;
  • •    offering support when looking for company information in Macedonia;
  • •    accounting services for your business in Bitola;
  • •    legal advice with the help of our local attorneys in Macedonia.

Support for DOO registration

A limited liability company or a DOO in Macedonia can be registered with a minimum share capital of EUR 5.000 deposited in a local bank account. The main documents of a DOO in Macedonia are the Articles of Association and must contain information about the owners, managers, the name of the appointed agent, activities, general business rules, and more. The registration for tax purposes and social contributions is required for a DOO in Macedonia, and all the formalities can be properly managed by one of our company formation agents in Bitola. One of our specialists can also represent your newly formed company in Macedonia, so you can send your inquiries to our agents if you need support and guidance in this matter.

Registration of branches and subsidiaries in Bitola

International investors wanting to set up branches and subsidiaries in Macedonia can benefit from our company formation services in Bitola. Our dedicated team of agents can help entrepreneurs with the formalities and preparations of such important business entities. While a branch is 100% connected to the parent company, subsidiaries enjoy a high level of independence and can have other activities too. A declaration stating the intention of establishing a branch or a subsidiary in Macedonia is part of the necessary documents for business registration. If you would like to set up a branch or a subsidiary in Bitola, you can request the assistance of our representatives.

Shelf companies in Bitola, Macedonia

Many entrepreneurs would like to avoid the incorporation process of a company and instead purchase shelf companies or ready-made companies. These are already incorporated in Macedonia and can be used right away, as soon as the ownership transfer is concluded. Our company formation agents in Bitola can provide you with the necessary assistance and support if you want to buy a shelf company in Macedonia. All the formalities of a vintage company in Macedonia can be managed by our specialists.

Economy facts about Bitola

Known as the “City of Consuls” back in the Ottoman period, Bitola remains a representative city in Macedonia where numerous foreign countries established their embassies and consulates, as it is the second largest city of this country. Large companies worldwide have subsidiaries or branches in Bitola in any business field. The agriculture, the food industry, and the textile sector are representative fields for Bitola which generate serious revenues for the state’s incomes. The media and entertainment sector in Bitola are prolific and offer a wide range of activities linked to all sorts of important film and music festivals. The booming tourism sector continues to attract foreigners from around the world who want to open travel agencies, resorts, and accommodation establishments in Bitola. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the economy and business direction of Macedonia:

  1. The total FDI stock for Macedonia in 2019 stood at nearly USD 6.3 billion.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Macedonia 17th out of 190 economies in the world in matters of simplified business.
  3. Most of the FDIs are absorbed by the manufacturing sector in Macedonia.
  4. 10-year tax exemption is offered to entrepreneurs with strategic investments in Macedonia.

FAQ about company formation in Bitola

1. How can a company formation agent in Bitola help me?

Support for company registration, preparation of documents, tax registration, application for business licenses, accounting services, here are a few of the services our company formation agents in Bitola can offer. We have experience in company formation, and we can help foreign investors start a business in Macedonia.

2. Can I register a limited liability company in Macedonia?

Yes, the limited liability company is the same thing as the DOO in Macedonia and it represents one of the most popular business structures available. The formalities of a DOO registration are straightforward and can be managed by one of our agents in Bitola.

3. Can I ask for tax registration assistance in Bitola?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of agents with experience in the taxation field. It is important to know the taxation legislation in Macedonia and align it with the rules and regulations imposed in this field. We can tell you more on this topic. 

4. What types of companies can I open in Bitola?

Limited liability companies, partnerships, joint-stock companies, joint ventures, and sole proprietorships can be established in Bitola, Macedonia. Branches and subsidiaries can be established in Macedonia, with comprehensive assistance offered by our company formation agents in Bitola.

5. Can I ask for accounting services in Macedonia?

Yes, we can offer complete accounting services for companies in Macedonia. If your business is in Bitola, make sure you send us your inquiries and ask for accounting services tailored to the business needs you have.

Choosing our company formation agents in Bitola

If you decided to open a company in Bitola, you can rely on the professionalism and support of our agents in the city. We have specialists for any business field, and we can act as representative agents for newly formed companies in Bitola. We work in complete confidence, transparency, and efficiency to provide the best possible results to our customers in Macedonia.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur with ideas of establishing companies in Bitola, we suggest you contact our team of consultants in order to benefit from complete company formation services in Macedonia.