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Obtain Residence in Macedonia

Obtain Residence in Macedonia

Residence in Macedonia is obtained relatively quickly and easily if the conditions imposed by the authorities are met. In addition, the necessary support in this direction is provided by our team of specialists in Macedonia, in order to benefit from a trouble-free process. Find out in this article how you can get a residence in North Macedonia and what rules you should follow in 2024.

 Quick Facts  
Temporary residence permit types

For short or long stays in Macedonia, and specific purposes

Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit in Macedonia (approx.)

Around 2 weeks

Temporary residence permit validity

Between 1 and 3 years
Documents for obtaining temporary residence

– valid passport,

– national ID,

– standard forms completed,

– bank statements,

– proof of accomodation in Macedonia

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)

Applicants must register with the nearest police station to their new domicile in Macedonia.

Dependents can join the temporary permit holder (Yes/No)


 Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes

This status is granted for foreigners who want to incorporate companies or invest in existing ones.

Type of investments available for residency purposes

By starting a business in Macedonia in certain conditions

Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence

3 years

Residency for individuals married to a citizen from Macedonia

Applicants must stay at least 1 year in Macedonia, and apply for residency after 3 years

Documents for obtaining permanent residence

– current residence permit,

– valid passport,

– proof of domicile

Naturalization requirements

– knowledge of Macedonian language,

– release of the original citizenship

Citizenship after permanent residence

After living 8 years in Macedonia

Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No)


Short facts about North Macedonia and recent changes

With independence declared in 1991, the Republic of Macedonia broke away from the former Yugoslavia and became a member of the UN two years later. However, Greece did not recognize this country and especially the cultural heritage, which was considered as part of the Greek one. In addition, Greece has clearly expressed its desire to block the Republic of Macedonia in the process of joining the European Union and NATO.

However, the name of North Macedonia was adopted in 2019, after long disputes with the neighboring country, and with the help of the Prespa Agreement of 2018, Greece was forced to fall at peace with this state.

Permanent residence in North Macedonia can be issued for foreigners who are interested in starting a business in the country, working as self-employed individuals, or who are employed by a Macedonian company. Permanent residence is obtained after a minimum lawful stay in the country.

Conditions for obtaining a Macedonian residence permit in 2024

temporary residence permit for Macedonia can be obtained by foreign nationals who want to work or study, activate in the research field, receive medical treatment, or reunite with their family in this country. As soon as the relocation process is complete, the application for a residence permit in Macedonia will follow. Here is some useful information to keep in mind when applying for North Macedonia residence permit:

  • A valid passport is needed at the time of application for a residence permit in Macedonia.
  • Besides the standard documents that must be completed, the authorities will also solicit your national identity card.
  • Information about the accommodation in Macedonia is required.
  • Some bank statements to provide you have enough funds to live in Macedonia will be solicited at the time of residence permit application in Macedonia.
  • A Macedonian residence permit has a validity of one year, with the possibility of extension.

It is worth highlighting that the authorities in Macedonia have the right to make some verifications and ask for a copy of the criminal record. All you need to know about how to obtain North Macedonia residence permit can be provided by our agents. Plus, if you want to start a business in North Macedonia, you can rely on the support and guidance of our company formation agents in Macedonia.

The authorities can make some criminal background checks before issuing a residence permit in Macedonia. Moreover, candidates should have a minimum knowledge of the Macedonian language when applying for a permanent residence permit.

Do I need health insurance for my residence permit application?

Yes, the Macedonian authorities imposed the obligation of having health insurance at the time the residence permit application is made in 2024. A copy of the medical card is also solicited for a temporary residence permit for Macedonia, so make sure you have all the documents prepared. You are advised to talk to our agents and see how you can be guided when applying for North Macedonia residence permit.

The issuance of a residence permit in Macedonia can be done in approximately 2 weeks if you decide on working with one of our local representatives. They can manage the paperwork and represent you with the authorities. 

Permanent residence permit in North Macedonia 

Entrepreneurs who wish to make their relocation definitive can apply for a permanent residence in North Macedonia. Just like in the case of the temporary one, the Macedonian authorities will make a series of verifications to see if the source of income is legal or not. Plus, a clear criminal record is needed for a permanent residence permit application in Macedonia

Working in North Macedonia – What you need to know

Work and residence permits are needed for legally staying and working in Macedonia. A personal work permit, for instance, can be issued for up to 3 years, or in special cases for an unlimited period of time. On the other hand, a permit to work is issued in the case the employer in Macedonia makes an application in this sense.

An employment permit is issued based on job systematization, meaning that the foreigner accepted permanent employment in Macedonia. You can discuss all the details with our company formation specialists and see how you can be helped from this point of view. We can assist foreigners who want to work in Macedonia or who want to register a company in Macedonia.

Making investments in Macedonia

Macedonia is an excellent business destination, and foreign investors are increasingly interested in the benefits of this country. The stable economy, excellent infrastructure, experienced labor, affordable costs for setting up a business, and the various incentives offered by the Macedonian government are some of the strengths of foreign investors interested in developing business in this country. Here are some interesting statistics about the Macedonian economy:

  1. according to the World Investment Report 2023, net FDI inflows increased by 42.6% in 2023, compared to 2022;
  2. the total FDI at the end of 2023 was estimated to be around 54.7% of the country’s GDP;
  3. the main investing countries were Austria, Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialists often receive questions about how to obtain a residence permit in North Macedonia and the formalities that applicants need to follow. Therefore, we present some of these questions and answers that will be of some use to you.

1. Who can obtain a temporary residence permit in North Macedonia?

Those who want to study in this country and those who want to work in the research and development field must apply for a temporary residence permit. This document is also necessary for those who want to reunite with their family in North Macedonia.

2. Do I need to offer information about the new domicile when applying for a residence permit in North Macedonia?

Of course, the authorities in North Macedonia are requesting information about the new domicile in this country at the time of application for a temporary residence permit. In addition, candidates must present a valid passport.

3. Do I need financial details to apply for North Macedonia residence permit?

Of course, the file that contains the documents needed to obtain a residence permit in Macedonia must also contain some bank account statements to be able to prove that you have enough money to support living in this country. You can receive more information in this regard from our specialists.

4. Can the Macedonian authorities check the criminal record in the process of applying for a residence permit?

Yes, this aspect is important to consider. The Macedonian authorities can check an applicant’s criminal record, and if he or she reveals details of his or her criminal history, then the authorities can refuse the stay in North Macedonia.

5. Do I need health insurance to be able to obtain residency in North Macedonia?

Yes, proof of health insurance is another requirement that must be considered when applying for a residence permit in North Macedonia.

6. How can I obtain a permanent residence permit in North Macedonia?

Permanent residence is obtained after a minimum, continuous, and lawful stay in the country with a valid temporary residence permit. The applicant will be required to show that he/she is self-sufficient and will need to provide other supporting documents.

7. Can a company apply for a residence permit for employees in the event of relocation to North Macedonia?

Those interested in relocating the company to North Macedonia with their employees can begin the process of obtaining the necessary residence permits. All documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Interior, but more information in this regard can be provided by our specialists.

8. How can a company in North Macedonia apply for a residence permit for a foreign worker?

Both a work permit and a residence permit are required to hire a foreigner in a company in North Macedonia. The application process for these important documents is started by company representatives and involves information about domicile, passport, criminal record plus other standard forms. And in this case, you can benefit from our help.

9. Which institution issues the residence permit for North Macedonia?

The Ministry of Interior of Macedonia is the institution that verifies and accepts applications for a temporary residence permit. We remind you that our specialists collaborate with the institutions of the Macedonian state and offer support for the preparation of the necessary documents.

10. Is it enough to have a visa for Macedonia to be able to live in this country?

In addition to the type D visa for Macedonia, both a work permit and a residence permit are required. The application formalities can be supervised by our experts in the field to ensure that the file with the necessary documents will not be rejected. You can confidently call our team if you have any questions about the documents requested by the Macedonian authorities.

Would you like to know more about the North Macedonia residence permit or about how to start a company in this country in 2024? Please feel free to contact our company formation agents in Macedonia and discover the services we can offer.