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Company Formation Services in Kumanovo

Company Formation Services in Kumanovo

The Kumanovo Municipality is the largest in Macedonia and a solid business and financial center which welcomes foreign investors who want to explore the possibilities in the city’s prolific industries, where the agriculture and the tourism play significant roles when deciding for company formation. If you are a foreign investor who wants to set up the operations in Kumanovo, you can solicit complete assistance and information at the time of company incorporation in Macedonia to properly start the activities. In this sense, your inquiries can be directed to our team of company formation agents in Macedonia through the local representatives.

What types of companies can you open in Kumanovo?

Kumanovo can be a proper business destination in Macedonia for those who want to develop their operations outside their home country. The preferred business entities in this country are the following:

  1.   limited liability companies (the most popular business structure for foreigners);
  2.   joint stock companies (can be created by a foreigner and a local business person);
  3.   limited and general partnerships (partners have different liabilities in such structure);
  4.   sole proprietorships (for foreign business persons who want to activate as sole traders).

Having a centralized Trade Register created as a one-stop-shop entity, foreigners can easily open companies in Kumanovo, regardless of the chosen structure.

What are the requirements for company incorporation in Kumanovo?

The Articles of Association are the important documents which stand at the base of any company formation in Kumanovo. These must contain information like:

  1.   the name and the nationality of the owners (including residency);
  2.   the name of the business in Kumanovo (a verification is necessary in this sense;
  3.   the name of the representative of the company in Kumanovo;
  4.   the business address (available condition for all types of companies);
  5.   the business type (the structure through which you can activate);
  6.   the minimum share capital (provided when opening a bank account);
  7.   the type of operations (details about the activities you intend to perform);
  8.   the board of managers (the owners can also be the directors of the company).

When preparing such documents, it is best to ask our team of advisors for support in this matter.

Company formation services we can offer in Kumanovo

Considering the competitive business market in Macedonia and the multitude of opportunities in this sense, foreign investors are interested in setting up their activities as fast as possible. Instead of wondering how things work at the time of company registration, we suggest you keep in mind that our advisors can offer assistance in the following:

  1.   the preparation of documents (Articles of Association and other internal documents)
  2.   registering the business with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia;
  3.   support for VAT registration (companies need to apply for tax registration;
  4.   tax advice (an accounting firm can offer support in this matter);
  5.   business management and tax planning for each business type;
  6.   legal support for foreigners, from our lawyers in Macedonia, on request;
  7.   virtual office services (for those who don’t want to establish in Macedonia);
  8.   accounting services in Kumanovo offered by our team of advisors.

Ask for domiciliation in Kumanovo

Foreign entrepreneurs can ask for virtual office services in Kumanovo and enjoy a series of benefits. Among these, the following are quite representative:

  1. A prestigious business address in Kumanovo to provide reliability for possible clients and collaborators.
  2. A local phone number linked to your business in Kumanovo, Macedonia.
  3. A private phone number in Macedonia, if solicited.
  4. Mail collection and forwarding in agreement with the requests of the business owner.
  5. Voice mailbox and dedicated fax services, on request.
  6. The possibility of using extra meeting rooms.
  7. Bank statement collection as part of virtual office packages in Kumanovo, Macedonia.
  8. Complete support in terms of technology.
  9. A virtual assistant in charge of the daily activities, as established by the owners of the business.

It is a known fact that virtual office packages are less expensive compared to a traditional office for a business in Macedonia. This is among the reasons why a virtual office is selected instead of the classic type of office. You are invited to discuss with one of our company formation specialists in Macedonia and see how you can purchase virtual office packages in Kumanovo. We are here to help you start a company in Macedonia considering the formalities involved.

Support for buying a shelf company in Kumanovo

If you believe that a shelf company is the right solution for your future activities in Kumanovo, Macedonia, then you should discuss all the details with one of our specialists in company formation. A vintage company is often a great choice for foreign entrepreneurs who do not want to spend time for opening a business from scratch. Instead, they can purchase a shelf company that is already incorporated, it has no activities, and it can be used right away, as soon as ownership transfer is completed.

shelf company in Kumanovo, Macedonia is highly advantageous for those looking for a fast start on the market. Let one of our company formation agents in Macedonia take care of your requests and help you buy a vintage company as fast as possible.

Support for EORI registration

EORI registration is another topic that can be properly managed by our specialists in company formation in Macedonia. If Kumanovo is the city you wish to settle your activities and if you would like to develop an import and export company, an EORI number is required. This kind of number shows that your business is registered for taxation. Plus, the trading activities can be easily verified by the customs authorities with the help of EORI. The formalities have been simplified in recent years, so EORI registration is not complicated, especially if you decide on working with our team of experts with experience in company formation in Macedonia.

Tax planning for companies in Kumanovo, Macedonia

Are you interested in starting a business in Kumanovo? We suggest you get in touch with our specialists and see how they can help you with the tax planning and registration with relevant authorities. We have a dedicated team of experts in tax matters you can rely on when registering a business in Kumanovo, so make sure you align with the formalities involved.

Why is Kumanovo attractive for investments?

Kumanovo is a prolific business hub in Macedonia and home to numerous foreign enterprises. The agriculture and the trading sector have been developed since the 19th century, helping the city rank among cities with a full potential of development and economic growth. There are many companies which generate solid incomes in the tobacco, textile and the metal-processing industries in Kumanovo.

Macedonia is an excellent business destination, so if you plan to expand your business, Kumanovo is exactly the right city. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we also mention the workforce experience that can be the right solution for future business in Macedonia, either in Kumanovo or in another city or region. The tax regime and incentives offered by the Macedonian government are other business advantages offered to both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Here are some statistics about the Macedonian economy, which may attract your attention:

  1. More than USD 6,3 billion was the total FDI stock in Macedonia in 2019.
  2. Around USD 237 million was the total value of the greenfield investments in Macedonia in the same year.
  3. Macedonia ranked 111th out of 190 worldwide economies in terms of ease of doing business, according to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank.
  4. Most of the FDIs in Macedonia are absorbed by the manufacturing sector, one of the most prolific in the country.
  5. Austria, UK, the Netherlands, and Greece are the main investors in Macedonia.

Foreign investors who want to enter the Macedonian market by choosing Kumanovo for business can contact our team of company formation agents in Macedonia for support and guidance.