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Shelf Company in Macedonia

Shelf Company in Macedonia

Shelf companies in North Macedonia are ready-made companies which are available for local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in placing their businesses without having to wait for the incorporation procedure. Even though the ownership transfer of such type of company is an easy process, we recommend you talk to our company formation agents in Macedonia for complete information and assistance for your future business, whether it is a ready-made company, or you want to start your firm from scratch.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities available for shelf company

Limited liability company (DOO)

Time required for purchasing the company

A few days

Types of features it includes (corporate bank account, VAT number, etc)

– tax number,

– bank account,

– legal address,

– trading name

The advantages of a shelf company

– fast purchase & ownership transfer,

– no debts,

– varied activities,

– easy access to bank loans

Appointing new directors 


Capital increase allowed


Certificate of no commercial activities


Modify the objects of activity Yes
Participants in the purchase procedure Buyer (or representative) & seller
The cost of buying a shelf company   Depending on age of shelf company

Who can buy shelf companies?

Local and foreign individuals.

Our specialists in company formation in Macedonia can help in both cases.

Documents needed to buy shelf companies

– ID documents of the buyer,

– buyers’ signatures,

– statutory documents of the shelf company,

– details about the new company, etc.

Associated risks with purchase (YES/NO)

No, shelf companies have no debts or liabilities.

Physical presence required (YES/NO)

No, you do not have to be physically present in Macedonia to purchase an aged company.

Our company incorporation agents can handle this for you remotely. 

Virtual office available (YES/NO)


VAT registration

Some shelf companies might require VAT registration.

Our specialists in company formation in Macedonia can help you with the registration.

Can hire employees (YES/NO)


Corporate income rate

– 10% (standard),

– 1% (simplified if annual income falls between MKD 3 million and MKD 6 million, with some exceptions)

Common industries for shelf companies

– restaurants and hospitality,

– IT,

– financial,

– e-commerce,

– advertising agencies, etc.

Shelf companies with specific licenses

For specific industries such as: healthcare, hospitality, transport, construction, etc.

Shelf company vs. newly opened company

Opening a new company in Macedonia requires more time and effort;

Business activities and history start from the date of registration for new companies;

Costs might be higher with opening a new company.

Process of purchasing vintage company

– select shelf company,

– prepare documents,

– sign the agreement,

– make amendments to the company’s statutory documents,

– notify the relevant government authorities

Additional services Once you start a company in Macedonia, we can also assist with tax registration, opening bank accounts, legal consultancy, trademark registration, etc.
Assistance (YES/NO) YES, we provide full assistance when opening a shelf company, including remotely.

What is a shelf company?

A ready-made company is a registered company kept on a shelf and prepared for business at any time. Such a company has a history behind, but no activities on the market, and is directed for investors wanting a fast start on the market with their activities. Entrepreneurs can buy ready-made companies and commence a wide range of activities, as agreed by the Companies Act in Macedonia.

Who can purchase shelf companies in North Macedonia?

Both local and foreign business persons are allowed to acquire shelf companies in Macedonia, as long as they respect the rules of the ownership transfer and the preparation of documents. We can handle the entire procedure of purchasing ready-made companies in Macedonia, therefore, please feel free to address to our company incorporation specialists in Macedonia.

Documents for buying a shelf company in Macedonia

The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia oversees the registration of vintage shelf companies in this state for both nationals and foreigners interested in this type of purchase. Future owners need to file the statutory documents of the company and need to submit their identification documents, plus their signatures. We remind that such company will have a board of managers for which their signatures are mandatory.

Are there any risks linked to a shelf company purchase?

No, there are no risks to think of when deciding on a shelf company in North Macedonia because such a company has no debts or liabilities, it is only registered and kept on a shelf until it ages and until someone decides on purchasing it. More than that, if you want to be 100% and have no second thoughts, you can ask for company due diligence from our team of company incorporation agents in Macedonia. This is a specific procedure which can be handled by our consultants and which reveals complete information about the status of a firm, the background history, and information about any unpaid taxes if any. Vintage companies have no risks at all, however, you are entitled to verify them before any purchase. Let our team of consultants tell you more about the features of shelf companies in Macedonia and about the ways you can purchase one.

How fast can I buy a shelf company in Macedonia?

The ownership transfer of a shelf company in Macedonia is made within a few days, as soon as you get in touch with our team of consultants in Macedonia. It is good to know that there is no need for you to travel to Macedonia to buy a ready-made company. The only thing for you to do is to get in touch with us and send us notarized copies of your identification documents. As for our part, we will manage the registration of the shelf company on your name and send you the documents which need to be signed by you. Shelf companies can be established in any sector of interest and can have all sorts of activities. Even if you do not live in Macedonia, but you are interested in having a shelf company, it is best to observe and verify the activities of your firm in this country. If the business expands, you can think of other investments too.

The differences between a shelf company and a traditional one

A foreign or a local investor has a multitude of business opportunities in Macedonia, and among these, the possibility of starting and registering a company from scratch or buying a vintage company. There are certain differences between these two, meaning that a shelf company is already registered and there is no need to wait for complex formalities compared to a new company for which the registration procedure might prolong. A ready-made company in Macedonia can be activated as soon as the ownership documents are signed by the new proprietor, whether local or from abroad. As for a traditional company, an entrepreneur will have to respect a few important steps like opening a bank account, applying for special licenses and permits, registering for tax purposes, apply for company seal, hire staff, and register for social contributions.  In the case of a vintage company, the things simplify in a large percent, however, business persons might solicit company due diligence just to be sure that there are no debts involved and the background history is clear. 

Company due diligence, for your safety

Even if a vintage company is risk-free, especially from a financial point of view, there are people who want to make sure that they will make a good and fair purchase. A ready-made company in Macedonia can be checked in detail, and this can be done using company due diligence procedures. Aspects such as previous activities, debts, non-payment, or litigious order issues can be discovered using the method mentioned above. Even if these services cost, it is recommended to consider them if you want to buy a ready-made company in Macedonia. In addition, you will be able to benefit from the support offered by our local agents, who can take care of checking a vintage company before purchasing.

FAQ about shelf companies in Macedonia

1. Do I need to travel to Macedonia for purchasing a shelf company?

No, there is no obligation to travel to Macedonia and buy a ready-made company. All the requirements in this sense can be handled by our team of consultants in Macedonia.

2. What are the benefits of a vintage company in Macedonia?

There is no need for you to consider the incorporation procedures for such a company as it is already registered in Macedonia. Moreover, you can commence the activities in a fast manner, once the ownership transfer is concluded.

3. Is a shelf company in Macedonia trustworthy?

Yes, you do not need to consider any risks at all because a vintage company has no debts involved, and that because it has no activity. Nevertheless, you may request a company due diligence for further verifications, in order for you to be sure about the vintage company purchase.

4. Do I receive support in matters of documents for my shelf company?

Yes, our company formation agents in Macedonia are at your service and can help you with drafting the documents for purchasing such a company. The notarized copies of your identification documents are necessary for buying a shelf company, and once they are accepted, the only thing for you to do is to sign the ownership transfer and send us the documents. Our team can also help you register for VAT purposes.

5. Why should I purchase a shelf company in Macedonia?

If you are the type of investor who doesn’t want to wait for all the registration formalities of a normal company, you may direct your attention to a vintage company which is already incorporated. This kind of company can be ready for business as soon as you receive the document showing the ownership.

The advantages of ready-made companies in Macedonia

There are many reasons why foreigners decide on a ready-made company purchase instead of creating a new one from zero. The following benefits usually stand at the base of shelf company acquisition in Macedonia:

  • •    these companies do not have debts or liabilities and are ready to be used;
  • •    there is no need to wait for incorporation, as this type of company is already registered;
  • •    the financial institutions can easily offer credit loans for shelf companies in Macedonia, as they are trustworthy on the market;
  • •    this type of firm has a notable business address in Macedonia and a registered bank account;
  • •    a ready-made company in Macedonia has an accounting history for at least two years;
  • •    the ownership transfer can be issued in approximately one or two days.

10 business ideas having a shelf company in Macedonia

Foreign entrepreneurs who have decided that Macedonia is the next business destination know how important a quick start on the market is. Once the business structure is established and the shelf company is acquired, it is the right time to choose future operations, if this has not already been established. The following 10 business ideas can open up new opportunities in Macedonia:

  1. A restaurant – Such an idea is a profitable one if you focus on local or international cuisine. Cities with touristic potential are suitable for a restaurant with already established specifics.
  2. IT company – Firms need technical support to carry out their activities properly. Therefore, you can open an IT company and offer your services in this regard.
  3. A construction company – The real estate sector is booming, especially in touristic areas. Therefore, such a construction company can be successful.
  4. Financial company – Foreign investors who have a certain budget can think about the profits of a financial company. It can be set up quite easily, with the help of our specialists. However, you need to consider the necessary licenses.
  5. A hotel in Macedonia – This also can be a profitable business, especially if it is established in a city with touristic potential. Whether you want to renovate an existing one or build a hotel from scratch, the investments must be included in the business plan.
  6. A recruitment company – It is much easier to turn to a recruitment company to hire in your company. Such services are sought after due to the benefits offered, so you can put them on the list.
  7. Real estate agency in Macedonia – if you want to rent or sell a home, then a real estate agency can be your next business. A shelf company can help you because is easy to buy, has no debts, and is already registered.
  8. An online shop – The e-commerce sector has developed rapidly in recent years, all over the world, including Macedonia. You can think about opening such an online store, but not before deciding on the goods and services offered.
  9. An import & export company – Do you want to trade? You can become an importer or exporter of products. But first of all, you have to get the EORI number in order to facilitate the border formalities.
  10. A car wash – The idea of having a business on your own is natural at some point, and the opportunities are many in Macedonia. You can also put a car wash on the list and you can turn your attention to ecological methods to align with the enviroment formalities.

So, if you plan to buy a shelf company in Macedonia to activate faster on the market, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists. In addition, we can help you with the business plan needed to open a company.

In terms of foreign investment in Macedonia, the country offers various facilities and advantages, designed to attract as many entrepreneurs as possible. The following statistics highlight the economic direction of Macedonia:

  1. The law that offers foreigners 10-year tax exemptions under certain conditions was adopted in 2020.
  2. More than USD 7.3 billion meant total FDI for Macedonia in 2020.
  3. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Macedonia ranked 17th out of 190 world economies in terms of a favorable business climate.
  4. USD 128 million represented the total value of greenfield investments in Macedonia.
  5. Macedonia’s largest investment partners come from countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, and Slovenia.

If you are interested in more details about how you can buy a shelf company in Macedonia or if you want to register a company in Macedonia, we invite you to contact our team of advisors at any time.