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Establish a Hotel in Macedonia

Establish a Hotel in Macedonia

Macedonia has open doors for all investors wanting to thrive in this country in most of the sectors. Opening a hotel in Macedonia might represent a great business opportunity for international entrepreneurs, and the formalities involved can be explained by one of our company formation representatives in Macedonia. Below you can find information about the main steps for opening a hotel in Macedonia.

How do I open a hotel in Macedonia?

First of all, it is mandatory to choose the business structure under which the hotel will be established. The DOO or the limited liability company in Macedonia is the most popular business form available in the country and chosen for the easy of incorporation and doing business. There are a few requirements to consider when opening a DOO in Macedonia:

  1. The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia is the institution in charge of company registration in Macedonia, so all the documents need to be deposited here.
  2. A name verification and reservation must be considered at the time the business is formed.
  3. A board of managers and a representative in Macedonia need to be appointed.
  4. EUR 5,000 is the minimum share capital for opening an LLC in Macedonia which needs to be deposited in a local bank account.
  5. The registration for tax purposes and social contributions can be done with the help of our company formation agents in Macedonia.
  6. Once the Certificate of Incorporation is issued, the company seal is obtained.

The registration of a company in Macedonia is not complicated, but support is recommended and can be obtained from our company formation specialists in Macedonia.

What types of hotels can I open in Macedonia?

Local investors or from abroad can decide on buying hotels in Macedonia and make investments in them or can build a new one from scratch, depending on the amount of money they want to invest. In most cases, investors will decide how fast they want to start the operations in Macedonia, whether creating a business from zero or investing in an existing one. No matter the business decision you take, we recommend you to talk to one of our company formation agents in Macedonia and find out the support we can offer in terms of company registration in Macedonia.

Licenses and permits for a hotel in Macedonia

The building permit for a hotel in Macedonia is normally issued if the mechanical endurance and seismic protection report is positive. This is an important part of obtaining the construction permit for opening a hotel in Macedonia, and such procedure is imposed by the authorities for many years because the country is found in a seismic zone. Support for licenses and permits applications in Macedonia can be solicited from our team of consultants.

The graphical registration of the construction land in Macedonia

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre in the Republic of Macedonia is in charge of development plans and has information about the construction land, helped by the local governmental centers. A visual graphical presentation of the construction land can be provided by this agency for construction companies in Macedonia. Some investors might be interested in contracting construction companies when projecting a hotel in Macedonia, so it is important to establish a connection with the local authorities issuing the needed licenses and permits.

Short details about the construction sector in Macedonia

Approximately 284,000 building permits have been issued this year in July, showing that the construction sector continues to thrive and to develop at a fast pace. Investors are interested in opening hotel accommodations, resorts and residential lodgings in Macedonia, taking advantage of the positive direction of the tourism sector and the business opportunities it offers. The numbers were given by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia that registers the projects in the construction sector of this country. You can also find useful information, facts, and statistics about the business, economy and investment direction in Macedonia:

  • • around 47.1% of the total FDI stock registered in 2018 sustained the country’s GDP;
  • • USD 5.9 billion was the total FDI stock in Macedonia in 2018;
  • • Austria and Germany were the main investors in Macedonia last year;
  • • according to the “2019 World Bank Doing Business” report, Macedonia ranks 10th out of 190 worldwide economies.

If you would like to open a hotel in Macedonia, we invite you to contact our company formation representatives in Macedonia and ask for complete information and assistance in this matter.