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Set up a Startup in Macedonia

Set up a Startup in Macedonia

Opening a startup in Macedonia is not a complex procedure. One must select the business entity, prepare the documents and register for taxation, among other aspects. All the formalities in this regard can be managed by our company formation agents in Macedonia. We can help foreign investors register startups in Macedonia in a fast and reliable manner.

How do I open a startup in Macedonia?

The DOO is the limited liability company in Macedonia and the most suitable business structure available. The selection of the business form is the first step in forming a startup in Macedonia. Here are a few requirements an entrepreneur should comply with at the time the startup is registered in Macedonia:

  1. The minimum share capital required is EUR 5,000. This must be deposited in a local bank account.
  2. One must check the business name and make a reservation.
  3. The Articles of Association must comprise information about the activities of the startup, the name of the owners, the board of managers, etc.
  4. The registration for taxation is required for startups in Macedonia.
  5. One must acquire a business license if necessary.

All the stages and requirements involved in registering a startup in Macedonia can be discussed with our specialists in company registration in Macedonia. Our team can help both local and domestic investors start a company in Macedonia.

A business plan for a startup in Macedonia

A doable and correct business plan is needed for a startup in Macedonia. This is a requirement for both local and foreign entrepreneurs in. Once you decide on the type of activities you wish to develop in Macedonia, you can get in touch with us and let us help you with the business plan for your startup. We have experience in company formation in Macedonia and creating an accurate and strong business plan is our concern. Feel free to talk to our team of company formation agents about how you can open a startup in Macedonia.

Can I open a recruitment company as a startup in Macedonia?

Yes, entrepreneurs can open recruitment companies in Macedonia, as such activities are accepted in this country. This can be a great startup idea and a profitable one if the owners will also concentrate on the business development strategies available. A recruitment company must have a board of managers, an attractive logo, a business place, and an accountant.

All the business steps are connected, so, each stage must enter the attention of the entrepreneur interested in a startup in Macedonia. Complete support is offered by one of our company formation in Macedonia. They can help entrepreneurs register a recruitment company in this country. You can discuss with us all the aspects and skip any concerns or complex issues that might arise.

Sectors in which you can open a startup in Macedonia

The tech sector in Macedonia hosts a large number of startups, considering the great business climate and the excellent conditions offered. Skopje, the capital of Macedonia is home to a wide range of startups in fields like, IT, communication, education, tourism, manufacturing, and energy, to give a few examples.

Many platforms sustain the new business ideas of young entrepreneurs in Macedonia. Business communities are highly developed in Macedonia, so young participants interested in startups in Macedonia can connect to businessmen all over the world. If you wonder why you should open a startup in Macedonia, you should know that the strategic geographic location is a plus.

The financial stability, the relaxed legislation related to foreign investments, free access to a large number of financial markets, plus the appealing startup costs for young entrepreneurs are interesting advantages that attract numerous investors in Macedonia. Here are other facts and figures that might attract your attention:

  1. Around USD 7.3 billion was the total FDI for Macedonia in 2020.
  2. Macedonia ranked 17th out of 190 economies in the world, as stated by the 2020 Doing Business report.
  3. Most of the FDIs are directed to the manufacturing sector in Macedonia.
  4. A 10-year tax exemption is offered to foreign investors in Macedonia.

10 startup business ideas in Macedonia

Young or experienced entrepreneurs have many business opportunities in Macedonia. Startups can be registered and developed in various fields of interest. Therefore, we have prepared some business ideas that you can put into practice if you want to have activities in Macedonia:

  1. Travel agency – Macedonia is one of the countries with developed tourism potential. The country is visited by millions of foreigners every year, and opening a travel agency is a good business idea. You can turn your attention to domestic and foreign touristic packages for consistent profits.
  2. Construction company – the real estate industry is constantly evolving worldwide, and Macedonia is no exception. If you want to develop a business in this field, prepare a solid business plan first of all.
  3. IT company – the activities in the field of technology are numerous and in full development. Profits are also commensurate, and a business in this field can be a good startup idea in Macedonia. You can focus on creating software, maintenance for companies, or developing programs for various companies.
  4. Photography business – Another business idea in Macedonia for those interested in startups is photography. You can create a photo studio and have among your clients companies interested in product photography, graphics, and other projects. The investment is small and can be started in a relatively short time.
  5. Marketing business – Marketing agencies are constantly looking for those who want to have a professional business image. Promoting activities, research, and creating campaigns are some of the aspects of a marketing company.
  6. A restaurant – as Macedonia has a huge tourist potential, maybe you should turn your attention to the food industry. You can open a local or international restaurant in one of the most visited cities. This sector is among those that record consistent profits year after year.
  7. Online shop – As high-speed internet is available to anyone, setting up an online store is quite easy. You just need to pay attention to the type of products and services you want to sell on the market. The textile industry is a profitable one, and your shop can also be accessed by customers from abroad.
  8. Cryptocurrency company – Visionary entrepreneurs can choose to set up a cryptocurrency company and align themselves with companies operating in this field. Starting in this direction can be complex, but a market analysis is definitely needed. One of our company formation agents in Macedonia can help you with the formalities for startups in Macedonia.
  9. A hotel – Opening a hotel in cities with high tourist potential can only be a profitable business. Whether you want to buy one or build one, the business idea will gradually develop and you will enjoy profits over time.
  10. A vegan shop – Another type of business that will be profitable from the very beginning is opening a vegan shop. The market of this kind has been on an upward trend for several years. Your business can be successful if you pay special attention to the products offered and if you promote your business permanently.

So, here are some of the startup ideas in Macedonia that you can consider. The formalities of opening a company are simple, and the help of our local agents will do nothing but help you get started faster.

Young or experienced entrepreneurs from abroad wanting to open startups in Macedonia can get in touch with one of our company formation agents in Macedonia.