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Set up a Fund in Macedonia

Set up a Fund in Macedonia

The Investment Fund Act 2000 in Macedonia oversees the activities and the operations of these important financial tools and companies dealing with the management of investment funds in this country. Setting up a fund in Macedonia is not subject to complicated formalities, however, it is best to seek advice, guidance, and support from one of our company formation agents in Macedonia. Our team can also help foreign investors register a company in Macedonia.

Investment funds in Macedonia

It is a known fact that investment funds have great importance on the Macedonian capital market and since the global economic crisis, the attention towards a proper control of the investment funds made Macedonia ismore careful in this direction. Even so, international investors are interested in opening investment funds in Macedonia and benefit from complete protection of assets, a great deal for portfolio expansion and of course, the financial profits. Below you can find information about different investment funds available in Macedonia:

  1. UCITS – Undertakings Collective Investments in Transferable Shares where collective assets can be invested and raised with the help of units public offering. A management company can handle UCITS in Macedonia.
  2. AIFs – Alternative Investment Funds can be created in respect to the EU directives where the capital involved can be invested in varied assets if an opened agreement is made in this sense.
  3. UCIs – Undertakings for Collective Investments can be open-ended, closed-ended or can be common funds. UCIs can be set up as limited liability companies.
  4. ETFs – Exchange-Traded Funds are alternatives to mutual funds and are available for trading throughout business days. These are subject to lower expenses.

Opening an investment fund is not complicated in Macedonia, however, it is important to have an idea about the applicable laws in the country, besides the ones imposed within the European Union. For detailed information about investment funds in Macedonia, you may address to one of our company formation specialists in Macedonia, who can also help foreign investors start a company in this country.

What to consider when opening a fund in Macedonia

In most of the cases, experienced investors know how to open a fund, but even so, it is recommended to have in mind a few important aspects before getting down to business. For instance, it is important to make a solid verification, discover the potential industries that suit most your business needs and then focus on selected types of investment funds you want to set up. Investment companies might be ideal choices for inexperienced entrepreneurs who are interested in funds but do not have a clear idea about the starting point. The management and control of an investment fund cannot be taken without the consent and agreement of the owner. You can talk to one of our consultants if you are interested in opening an investment fund in Macedonia.

Who can manage an investment fund?

An investment fund in Macedonia can be managed by a group of stockholders, a natural person, a legal entity with more than 10% ownership of the basic capital or by the members of the supervisory board under special conditions related to the investment fund management company in Macedonia. It is good to know that an investment fund management company can control more than just one investment fund in Macedonia. We also have specialists in investment funds who can handle your portfolio and act on your behalf with a power of attorney.

Making investments in Macedonia

Macedonia offers stability in terms of economy and liberalized markets, so it is quite easy for international investors to decide on starting their businesses in this country. The multilingual and skilled workforce, the appealing tax structure and the encouragements offered by the Ministry of Finance to sustain the foreign direct investments are among the benefits offered by Macedonia to foreign entrepreneurs. The agriculture, the tourism sector, the manufacturing and textile sectors are among the fields in which most of the investments are directed. You might find interesting facts and information about the business and investment direction in Macedonia:

  • • around 24.1% of the country’s GDP is sustained by the industrial sector in Macedonia;
  • • approximately 47% of the exported goods from Macedonia were directed to Germany in 2018;
  • • a surplus of USD 92.5 million in terms of FDI have been reported for September 2019;
  • • the inflation stood at a 1.8% rate in 2018 in Macedonia.

Those interested in opening an investment fund in Macedonia can get in touch with our company formation agents in Macedonia.