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Set up a Restaurant in Macedonia

Set up a Restaurant in Macedonia

Foreign investors can benefit from numerous business opportunities in Macedonia and can be attracted by the food sector, an appealing and appreciated segment that generates large profits each year. A restaurant can be a great business idea for domestic or foreign investor looking to benefit from the multitude of possibilities in this area. The registration of your restaurant in Macedonia can be overseen by our team of company formation specialists in Macedonia who can handle the whole formalities involved.

What are the steps for opening a restaurant in Macedonia?

The first thing to do is to decide on the business entity under which your restaurant in Macedonia will activate. The choices in this stage vary and entrepreneurs can set up limited liability companies (the most common structure for business) or can enter a partnership with a domestic investor. Here are a few steps to consider when opening a restaurant in Macedonia:

  • • A name verification and reservation for your business is the first step before the registration takes place.
  • • The company’s documents comprising information about the owners, the purposes of the business, responsibilities, etc. need to be submitted.
  • • A bank account must be opened for the minimum share capital and for the firm’s future financial operations.
  • • Once the certificate of incorporation is issued, the company needs to be registered as a tax payer in Macedonia.

If you would like to open a restaurant and immediately start the activities, you might want to buy a shelf company in Macedonia and skip all the registration formalities. Our company formation agents in Macedonia can offer information in this sense and can provide assistance for buying a vintage company.

Do I need licenses and permits for my restaurant in Macedonia?

Yes, a building permit is needed if you decide on establishing the business from scratch, plus the liquor license if you want to serve alcohol in the restaurant. It is important to know that the local authorities will make the legal verifications and will issue the needed licenses and permits (water, sanitation, environment, etc.) which are necessary for opening the restaurant in Macedonia. Support with the formalities for obtaining the licenses and permits can be offered by our team of specialists at any time.

Support for opening a restaurant in Macedonia

The formalities for opening a business in Macedonia might seem complex for foreign entrepreneurs who are for the first time in this country. This is why it is recommended to ask for assistance and guidance from experienced team in company formation in Macedonia who can help investors from abroad in any area of interest, including in the food sector for opening a restaurant, a bar or a bistro. Here is information about the services we can offer for international entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant in Macedonia:

  1. Assistance for documents preparation and submission with the entitled authorities.
  2. We can ease the communication with the registration authorities and help you verify the business name before incorporation.
  3. Guidance for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for your restaurant in Macedonia.
  4. Support with the tax registration as a post-incorporation procedure in Macedonia.
  5. You can receive complete accounting services if you make a request in this matter.

Opening a business in Macedonia is not subject to complicated bureaucracies, nevertheless, our company formation agents in Macedonia can oversee the entire process and can offer complete support throughout the whole process in order for you to skip any misunderstandings and get straight to business.

The food sector in Macedonia

A constant growth has been registered in the past decades in the food sector in Macedonia and that because of the high demand in this sector made local and foreign entrepreneurs find their business path and niche. Besides the traditional food which continues to serve the tourism sector in a large amount, the innovative food begins to gain terrain and open doors to small startups and young entrepreneurs who want to test the business in varied food categories, in this direction, the vegan restaurants started to welcome numerous clients in Macedonia, therefore, it came easy for entrepreneurs to create the business. The best part is that restaurant owners in Macedonia can easily collaborate with local farmers who can supply the raw material, starting from cereals and ending with meat products.

If you would like to benefit from the generous food sector and establish a restaurant in Macedonia, please feel free to give us a call and find out how we can help you.