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Company Formation Services in Skopje

Company Formation Services in Skopje

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and a prolific business hub that competes with numerous important financial centers around the world when it comes to economy, resources and business environment. Located in the upper course of Vardar River, Skopje is on the Balkan route that makes connections with Greece and Serbia. In terms of business development, Skopje welcomes and sustains foreign direct investments and offers plenty of chances for entrepreneurs who want to implement and grow their businesses in the Republic of Macedonia. Our company incorporation specialists in Macedonia can help small and medium business persons set up their companies in Skopje or in any chosen city for business purposes.

The company formation services we can offer in Skopje

Knowing the rules and regulations of the business field in Macedonia can help entrepreneurs decide on the form of business and related activities. The most popular structure in Macedonia, including in Skopje is the limited liability company which can be easily established if the requirements in this sense are respected, mainly the provisions of the Companies Act and the Commercial Code. Also, foreigners can set up joint stock companies, limited and general partnerships, or can perform their operations under the rules of the sole proprietorship structure in Skopje. The following company formation services in Skopje address to both nationals and foreigners willing to activate in the generous and respected business environment of this country:

  • • documents preparation with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • • tax advice;
  • • VAT registration with the financial authorities in charge;
  • • business management;
  • • accounting services for your company;
  • • legal support in business matters offered by our local advisors.

How can I set up a DOO in Skopje?

The limited liability company is known as the DOO and it can be easily registered in Macedonia with a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000. The incorporation starts once the business name is reserved, the Articles of Association prepared, and the board of managers appointed at the general meeting of the shareholders. Our company formation agents in Macedonia are at your services if you want to start a business in Skopje. It is quite essential to have the support of an experienced team of advisors who can sustain the entire incorporation procedure and who can handle the preparation of documents in accordance to the requirements imposed by the authorities. Feel free to solicit a personalized offer in this matter.

Can I set up a subsidiary in Skopje?

Yes, a subsidiary can be established in Skopje and can serve medium and large companies from abroad. The limited liability company represents a suitable business structure through which a subsidiary can activate on the Macedonian market. A representative agent with residency in Skopje plus a board of managers need to be appointed for a subsidiary in Macedonia, considering also the rules of incorporation regarding the Articles of Association, the bank account and the registration for tax purposes. It is important to know that the parent company must provide a declaration showing the intention of establishing a subsidiary in SkopjeSubsidiaries are independent legal entities with the same financial structure as the company from abroad. As a recommendation, you might be interested in accounting services for such a large company, so feel free to talk to us and solicit support from our team of accountants in Skopje.

The incorporation with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia

The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia is the one-stop-shop system established in 2006 and meant to help foreign entrepreneurs easily set up any kind of company in Skopje. This institution is in charge of registering sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited or general partnerships in compliance with the Company Act and the Commercial Code. More than that, the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia registers the annual accounts, properties, direct investments, real estate investments and many more. Find out the requirements for company incorporation in Skopje from our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia.

Can I open a holding company in Skopje?

Yes, you can decide on a holding company in Skopje and activate in varied business sectors in Macedonia. A holding company controls other firms through its shares and can be incorporated for varied reasons like owning different assets like real estate properties and many more. The registration begins with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia if the minimum participation of 10% shares in the company is respected. Once the information about the owners is provided and if the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia is informed about the holding company, you can register this kind of entity. It is important to know that holding companies are subject to annual audits and more than that, the double taxation agreements protect such companies from being taxed twice.

FAQ about company formation in Skopje

1. Do I receive support for opening a branch in Skopje?

Yes, our team of company formation agents in Skopje is at your service if you would like to establish a branch in this city. All the formalities can be handled in a professional manner by our consultants.

2. How much does it take to set up a limited liability company in Skopje?

Opening a limited liability company in Skopje takes a few days if the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia accepts all the documents.

3. Do I receive support for the tax registration in Skopje?

Yes, local and foreign entrepreneurs can solicit support and assistance for tax compliance and registration in Skopje.

4. Are accounting services available for my company?

Yes, if you address your inquiries in this sense, you can benefit from complete accounting services for your company in Skopje. Our team of accountants in Macedonia can provide in-depth information and assistance in this matter, so feel free to talk to us.

5. What types of companies can I open in Skopje?

Our company formation specialists in Macedonia can help you establish a partnership, register a limited liability company, set up a joint stock company and other available entities. All the requirements involved can be at your disposal through our team of consultants in company formation in Macedonia.

Why you should open a company in Skopje

The economy of Skopje is diverse and stable from many points of view. An example in this sense is the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figure and the rate of 45.5% above other representative capitals and financial centers like Belgrade, Sofia, Tirana or Sarajevo. There are more than 30,000 companies with activities in Skopje’s trading sectors, food and beverages, manufacture, energy, finances, and services. The textile and the metal sectors are also prolific areas in Skopje and important fields which generate substantial incomes for the city’s GPD.

If you want to benefit from the company formation services we can offer in Skopje, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Macedonia.