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Establish a Pharmaceutical Company in Macedonia

Establish a Pharmaceutical Company in Macedonia

Macedonia is among European countries preferred for business in varied sectors, like tourism, food and beverages, agriculture, manufacturing, and even pharmaceuticals, the later one gaining huge terrain in recent years. Setting up a pharmaceutical company means dealing with the production of medicine as the main operation. Some international companies decide to set up branches and subsidiaries in the pharmaceutical sector and develop such businesses in Macedonia. Foreign investors interested in this business field can solicit the support and advice of our team of company incorporation agents in Macedonia who can supervise the entire registration process of a company in this country.

How do I open a pharmaceutical company in Macedonia?

In most cases, the limited liability companies in Macedonia are the proper structures for most of the businesses, including in the pharmaceutical sector. In Macedonia, a pharmaceutical company can serve in a large percent to drug stores, hospitals and clinics, if all the licenses are obtained and the requirements in this sector are respected. Below you can find out details about the main steps for opening a pharmaceutical company in Macedonia:

  • • The limited liability company can be incorporated with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.
  • • EUR 5,000 is the minimum share capital for opening an LLC of DOO in Macedonia.
  • • Just like any kind of company, the registration for tax purposes is the next thing to consider once the certificate of incorporation is issued.
  • Pharmaceutical companies in Macedonia will only activate if the business licenses are obtained.
  • • The distribution of medicines in Macedonia is overseen by the Law on Health Care and the Law on Medicinal products.

There are no complex requirements for registering a company in Macedonia, however, specialized support is recommended throughout the entire process. This is where you can decide on the support of our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia who can provide assistance and recommendations for foreign investors interested in establishing pharmaceutical companies in Macedonia.

Can I establish a branch for my pharmaceutical company in Macedonia?

Yes, you can decide on opening a branch or a subsidiary in Macedonia in order to set up the activities in the pharmaceutical sector. Investors from abroad will have to comply with the requirements in this sense and provide the necessary documents, among which a declaration mentioning the intention of opening a branch or subsidiary on behalf of the parent company. 

Activities of pharmaceutical companies in Macedonia

Pharmaceutical companies in Macedonia can have different activities and can be involved in varied operations like providing drugs and medicines for pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, plus pharmaceutical equipment. Dieting materials and products, cosmetics, herbs and alternative medicines can also be offered by such companies in Macedonia. International companies can set up branches or subsidiaries and can deal with wholesale medicines covering a large market in Macedonia. Health and diet food manufacturers from abroad might be interested in operating in the pharmaceutical sector in Macedonia. Drugs and medication retail is the main operation of pharmaceutical companies which can be established in Macedonia, however, the activities can develop in other areas too as part of the company development. Processing botanical raw materials and chemical products part of the manufacturing process of medicines can enter the area of pharmaceutical companies. 

Requirements for pharmacists in Macedonia

Foreigners who would like to work in the pharmaceutical industry and start the activities as pharmacists will have to comply with the conditions imposed by the legislation and the most important one refers to the work license. The Master of Pharmacy degree of five years and completing one year or residency are mandatory conditions for pharmacists in Macedonia. It is important to know that a pharmaceutical license is available for seven years, and the Ministry of Health alongside the Pharmaceutical Chamber are the institutions supervision this sector, including the activities of pharmacists. 

If you would like to open a pharmaceutical company in Macedonia and to understand the business conditions and the requirements in this sector, we recommend you to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Macedonia. We are at your service with comprehensive support throughout the entire process of company incorporation in Macedonia.